About Gisele B Studios

Gisele Brayis the collector and curator of the artists on exhibit in this gallery. She is an artist by trade. The beauty of this world inspires her art. The artists she chooses to work with protect the sale of their works for the collector. The "About Artists" pages share the heart and passion of the artist and their personal path for distribution.



Shop Gallery Art using the augmented reality tool to virtually see the piece of work on your wall. Originals and limited edition for purchase. Some pieces of art are available as open editions and offered for print on the best medium and size for the art..




Our onsite STUDIO located in southern San Diego.

Gather | Socialize | Learn | Laugh | Shop


Shop fine arts in the STUDIO. Attend courtyard events with featured fine artist. Live music while watching the featured artist perform a live work.  


the WHY

Because art is beautiful, inspires love, laughter and self expression. When socializing is not limited the STUDIO will once again be an environment for all to experience, socialize and learn. Book the STUDIO for private, corporate and public workshops.    

A "Trusted Art Seller". Artists details in bios. Each artist is protecting their work and stands behind their path and vision to create works that distribute for the benefit of the collector.

the WHAT

A creative environment to gather, learn, explore and unite. A platform for fine artists and beginning artists; music and mediums; collector and creator.

Shop fine arts in our Gallery. Take STUDIO workshops. Attend a STUDIO courtyard event. Schedule private classes with an artist. Rent the STUDIO for a private gathering.

Learn | Evolve | Celebrate | Socialize

We want to integrate learning with community. To create a space where the arts come alive, and to create a touch point with the artists and their work that matters more than the sale. At our parties we feature an artist who may create live work during the evening. These artist are here for you to get to know their story.


the WHY

Uniting through art one creative moment at a time.
Because art is beautiful, and expressive, I had the vision to design a STUDIO environment for all to experience, socialize, learn and escape.

We are always looking for artists who want to host workshops. The STUDIO is available for non-profit workshops. Let us know if you or a group you know would benefit from this experience, There is availability to host you. Highschool student community service hours are available for work with the non-profit program. We are top to bottom family friendly, including four-legged furries!

Contact us for private events!

Supporting Non-Profits (reach out for details)
Boys and Girls Club
Big Brother
Big Sister

1500 sq. ft. All amenities, wheelchair accessible. Indoor/Outdoor

Welcome to Gisele B Studios!
We are excited to be on this journey with you.