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Resident Artists @ the STUDIO

A collective of local fine artists.
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Resident Artists @ the STUDIO

A collective of local fine artists.
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I make art from what is around me physically and mentally, past and present. The unmitigated range in my work is a statement of me, my observations, broken down into sections of my personality, and depicted in series as I travel back and forth in thought, connecting these varied interests in my art to coexist. As a native Californian, I am concerned with the development/destruction of our coastal community. Using unobstructed nature as a base point, I add figures, objects and architectural lines which manifest in my work.



For more than 30 years I have been painting on walls, canvas, furniture...you name it! As a fine artist I found that selling my art was not enough to satisfy my intentions. I started teaching as a way to share my love for painting. My new paint kits help people communicate their own expression and most importantly, a way to relax.
My video lessons aren't just a teaching method. What better way to socialize than gathering with friends & family to create fun and new masterpieces.



His sculptures are found in the collections with Sir Patrick Stewart, Kenny Loggins, Heather Graham, Annette Bening, John Boyega, Alan Arkin, Kate Beckinsale, Gina Davis, Eli Roth, Adrian Brody, Saginaw Grant, Jason Mitchell, and many other actors’ collections. He has been commissioned by many distinguished organizations in sought-after charitable art donations - CALVETS, Make a Wish Foundation, FACE Foundation, Humane Society, Alzheimer’s Foundation, Autism Foundation, the American Legion, The Hollister Foundation, San Diego Film Foundation, Military organizations and many individual collectors.  


Creative and seasoned ART DIRECTOR & GRAPHIC DESIGNER. Experienced professional, managing MARKETING & ADVERTISING projects from concept through completion. Dedicated to generating the most intelligent and powerful visual solutions for your venture.

Conceptualization and management of your visual identity, including art & illustration, marketing & advertising design, publication design, packaging & environmental design. Experienced in developing and enhancing company image for a diverse clientele, from start-up companies to large corporations. Collaborative & interpersonal skills. Written & verbal communication competence. Social media management. Business promotions consultant.  

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