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Product Design

The world is filled with product and yet new product is being designed and manufactured daily. Because the manufacturing process improves, product can be made more efficiently, with better quality material and reach more customers for less money. But we wonder, how is the cost of marketing product affecting the cost of goods. Some stats show that in 2017 $206 billion was spent on marketing. . Surely we as consumers are paying for this in some way. I like everyone else want to enjoy the shopping experience but at what cost. On what merit do we choose a product? What we are told, what we believe to be true, cold hard facts, fashion trends, peers? So many things to consider. I think perhaps I asked more questions than provided information in this rant. 

I know that I like product that is of high quality material and design. If it captures my imagination in a way something else does not and gives me a feeling of richness I feel satisfied.  

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