Rock Stacking

Rock Stacking

My girlfriends and I often walk the hour before sunset. On occasion we are surprised with the days rock art by the local man whose gift is stacking rocks. His theme as of late has been LOVE. Last evenings design was more intricate and larger than any I've seen. This man sits with his van parked in the same spot each night. His cats are on a leash with him in the rocks while he creates. Professional photographers plan their day to take this artistic setting sun photo. The few tourists who are fortunate enough to stumble on this artwork hover in amazement. It looks easy to make but it is not, in fact, I've seen a few individuals grab a stone and begin their design only to laugh and walk away. 

What I love the most is the group effort to let everyone have their turn to capture the photo with before the setting sun. It is a race against time. After the sun sets the rocks are no longer visible, the area is very dark. I wonder what the artist thinks each day while he is stacking these rocks. And if he has any favorite people that he hopes come by to enjoy his work for the few short minutes that they stay. We never know when he will create a large design as he did yesterday. This is his subtle gift to our lives. 


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