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April 05, 2018 1 min read

For many months I used this photo as the header for the Daily Handbags. During those months only one person could tell me why I had chosen that photo. The tools, and the environment, a craftsman's oasis seemed so far removed to my friends and family from the finished product handbags that the photo was to represent. This photo is to me like air is to lungs. Without these tools, and some more modern versions as well, the leather goods that people use in their everyday lives would not exist. Leather is a strong material. It requires refined metal to cut and mark the leather in order to mold it into the final piece. When I see the world around me I see the effort, vision and design that it required to make it. I know it takes a variety of people to make this world go round and I am grateful to each individuals participation. They say that the journey is the reward but I think everyone would agree that they don't enjoy every part of their journey. In fact for me some of it is quite a struggle. I have to force myself to accept the mundane. I have to force myself to accept the ordinary. And I have to force myself to not be disappointed at times. The leather is a good example of life, so much sweat, tears and desire for a wonderful outcome. I hope you are enjoying your handbag today. The stories is could tell of your journey...

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