Chase Dreams

Chase Dreams

Some days can get pretty long as we work to navigate some lofty goals. The evening work hours can lead to late night walks because my doggie gets ignored when I’m busy working.

I read a post today by a young man who had a lot to say about chasing dreams and ignoring any thing or any one that dissuades you from the effort. Until you’ve experienced it they just sound like words. When you’ve experienced it (negativity) the joy of being on the other side of mountain illuminates just how dangerous words can be.

When I was a young artist it was a conflicting passion. Art did not fit the description of a successful career path. Not that any one necessarily meant to ignore what made me feel alive, that was not the undoing, the cause of their useless guidance were the rules that they and everyone in our community followed. The life of an artist, or maybe more importantly the mind of an artist, does not think within boundaries that cause them the need for 9-5 work. Up at dawn and in bed by 10 is abnormal behavior for an active mind. Creativity by definition can thrive without any rules thus without the normal conditions that exist in most peoples lives. 

I read a post today written by a very young artist. I appreciated that at such a young age he believed in himself and his ability to chase his dreams. A dream by its very nature must begin in ones self. Confidence can be nurtured but the endurance to succeed is a personal path. I knew in 2017 that I wanted to support arts and artists. What I did not know was what the journey would look like and how I what path it would take to support arts and artists. What I knew for certain is that artists need our support. Artists are by the very nature of the industry starting down a potential path of failure. 

Support and kindness goes a long way especially if it’s not your life and won’t be your mistake. Thanks to everyone who has listened, kept quiet when advice was on the tip of your tongue and those that remained a constant while I grew! There's no mistaking this journey was unexpected and full of twists and turns. Many which I could not have expected. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this and today thrive in this incredible experience together! 


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