A journey of a lifetime

A journey of a lifetime

It was 2017 when I started down the path of creating a world of passion. I wanted to find something that would captivate me every day. Something that I could pour myself into. By that point in my life I had had many life experiences and business experience. 

I remember the moment that I decided to put myself in a time out of sorts until I had come up with a plan. I can’t say that there was a moment I can pinpoint when I decided what this path looked like but I can say that the feelings of my vision for my future were very strong. I knew that I wanted to impact others lives. That I wanted to be valuable in the success of others. 

Beginning from scratch it wasn’t exactly simple to say and offer value. The path of a business is like a jigsaw puzzle the can be assembled in countless ways but each way must be ordered correctly. Yes it’s that difficult to find a path for a company. At least it has been for me. 

All of my experiences in the arts had prepared me for this journey. The plethora of people I had worked for and with. The mediums that I studied and those that were hobbies. The passions I didn’t get to pursue and the life choices I missed out on. All of this was like a suitcase that I got to unpack, still do, as I move forward down this path of arts and artists. This is my path. I love every day of it. It pushes me to my limits and makes me learn more than I ever dreamed. 

the past the present and the future feels like I’m living the life I was meant to live. 


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